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Summerland Floral

Bespoke floral design by Ivy Moon

Delivered to you


My first true love

Arranging flowers is some sort of compulsion to me.

Even though I’ve studied other creative disciplines before, there’s something about the flowers that keeps me coming back for more. 

Not that I ever would have dreamed this is what I would do for a living, let alone passionately live for. But the universe has a strange way of nudging you in the right direction. 

I see flowers as an art form.

When I was little, I used to pick the flowers from my garden and sell them on the front lawn to tourists. Fortunately for me, my florascape and business model has expanded beyond front lawn geranium stems. 

My first time playing with flowers creatively was for a photoshoot for a swanky hairdresser making their headpieces. There was no structure or technique to what I did for those photos. Hell it was my first time using real flowers, I had no idea what I was doing! But that innate knowing and need to allow flowers spill out of everything I do has followed me ever since.  

 I began Summerland Floral after completing two qualifications in floristry. I was eager to bring expressive new wave floral art to the every day flower delivery. 

New Wave Florist:  A movement in floristry that allows the designer to break all imposed limitations to their craft; designs that are abstract and not traditionally formulaic; looks for environmentally sustainable ways to create; isn’t afraid to go beyond what flowers are traditionally supposed to look like; recognises floristry not only as a craft but also as an art form.

My personal style of flower arranging is highly inspired by the Baroque and Victorian periods as well as Ikebana and German floral design. I’m constantly reinventing and experimenting with flowers (I’m certain my neighbours think I’m insane). I have a lot of visions of colours and shapes in my head and Summerland Floral is the physical, tangible expression of them.

Welcome to my daydreams.