Tell someone you love them today

Summerland Floral

Bespoke floral design by Ivy Moon

A true love affair


Flowers mark time, honour occasions and create memory

It continuously surprises me how flowers can express the things we can’t translate into words. 

Giving flowers, receiving flowers and creating with flowers is an exchange that has occurred across global history, from the Ancient Egyptians honouring the dead with floral arrangements through to the Victorian language of flowers to today’s every day flower delivery from your local florist.

When I was little, I used to pick the flowers from my garden and sell them on the front lawn to tourists. Fortunately for me, my florascape and business model has expanded beyond front lawn geranium stems. 

Now I am dedicated to spreading our messages of love, friendship and connection through flowers. Knowing that in a world filled with so much turmoil and disconnect, someone on the receiving end of flowers may, for a moment, pause their busy life and feel loved, drives me every single day. 


So if you are ever lost for words, turn to flowers.